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Of all the things you can do when being outside, birdwatching has to be one of the most relaxing and entertaining, for the spectacle of birds going about their business is truly fascinating. The diversity of sizes and shapes, colours and behaviours is astonishing, and you can discover new things every time. It is an everlasting source of joy for who knows where to look!

To enjoy this adventure, you don't need to be a bird expert. You don't even need to have any prior birding experience! All you should bring is your curiosity and the willingness to be charmed by the wonders of nature.

We will have a birding scope with us. This fantastic instrument is the best way to "bring birds closer", as its powerful zoom lets us admire birds in great detail without disturbing them. I will point it to all birds of interest, and you'll also be free to move it around and explore on your own. Be prepared to see birds like you've never seen them before!

Why me

Hi, I'm Samuel, I'm a professional guide. I have experience with international customers, and I love birding around Helsinki. In the field, I am known for my relaxed but dedicated attitude. I find joy in sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for the natural world. I adapt to your level of experience, whether you're an experienced birder or a novice, and make sure we have an enriching time together.
I provide a birding scope for our outing, and of course I bring all my expertise and motivation!

This experience is for you if... you want to explore the wild side of Helsinki in a relaxed setting, get to know birds and admire them without pressure. If you're a birder from abroad, it's a brilliant way to discover the avifauna of Southern Finland. It is also very suitable for families with children, and you don't need any prior birding experience.
This is not for you if... you want to bag as many species as possible in as little time as possible.

1 person: 65€
2 persons: 100€
3 persons: 130€
Any additional person, up to 6: +20€

2024: Jul 1 - Aug 2
Aug 19 - Dec 10
Pick your day, please enquire!

You decide when you want to go. Early morning is usually the most productive time, but sunset and other times work too.

Recommended gear
Comfortable clothing and shoes for walking on easy paths. A jacket against wind and rain. Multiples layer, according to the weather.
Water and snacks, as needed.
Mosquito repellent.

The languages I speak
English, French, some Spanish and some Finnish.
Bird names in all languages!

Photo of me birding in Helsinki
Birding in Helsinki

What you pay for
3 hours of private guiding through one of the best nature reserves in Helsinki.
A birding scope for use during the trip.

Not included
Transportation (we meet on-site, you can get there by metro or bus)
Food and other extras



I will send you an invoice by email. You can pay me:
- by cash, when we meet
- by bank transfer, before we meet
- by Paypal or Wise, before we meet (with a small fee)

We will walk on well-graded paths and boardwalks, some of them narrow.
Distance walked: 2 to 7 km, depending on your abilities and wishes, location and bird activity.
Many bird towers are accessed with steep stairs, but some can be reached with a gentle ramp.
Contact me for more details!

Note: I do not use playback to attract birds.


Easily accessible from the heart of the city, the best local nature reserves have a lot to offer to the keen birder. Woods, reedbeds, fields and mudflats form a myriad of microhabitats that host countless birds. From the rare Citrine Wagtail to the loud Black Woodpecker, from the endearing Horned Grebe to the hectic Bearded Reedling, there are wonders waiting to be discovered!

The places

The main hotspots are Vanhakaupunki, Laajalahti and Suomenoja. They all have their own specificities, but one thing for sure is that they have birds, and they are easy to explore through paths, boardwalks and birdwatching towers.

Vanhakaupunki: an extensive wetland, complete with light woods, fields, reedbeds and ponds. Citrine Wagtail is the real prize there, but there's also an abundance of waders, ducks, warblers and other songsters. Highlights include a White-tailed Eagle nest among a busy cormorant colony and maybe a Great Grey Shrike.
Laajalahti: an amazing wetland on the other side of the city, with a similar habitat patchwork. Spectacular during migrations for ducks, terns and waders, we will also look for a Common Rosefinch singing it's signature "Pleased to meet you" song. The woods hold Wood Warblers and woodpeckers, among others.
Suomenoja: this wetland holds the largest Black-headed Gull colony in Finland. Among those loud birds, we'll find nesting Horned Grebe, Common Goldeneye, Eurasian Shoveler... it's a small but wild place, there is always something happening. A bay nearby may have Red-necked Grebes.

All seasons

In Helsinki, the peak period for birds is from early May to late June, when birds are migrating north, singing, nesting, raising chicks... but all seasons have something to offer. March and April bring the first migrating birds (Northern Lapwing, Whooper Swan...) and some waders already show up in late July for autumn migration, which continues through until October. Winter is a quiet time, but birding in the forest and around feeders can yield jewels such as White-backed Woodpecker, Eurasian Bullfinch or even a Northern Hawk-Owl or a Great Grey Owl!

Customize your tour

Do you want to spend longer in the field? Do you want to target specific species? Let me know, I'm sure we can arrange it.

Our targets could include Black Grouse, Red-throated and Black-throated Diver, Common Crane, Pallid Harrier, Long-tailed Duck, Tawny Owl, White-throated Dipper, European Nightjar, Elk (Moose)...

I cannot drive, but if you have a car (your own or rental), I can hop on and guide from the passenger seat.

Why birding?

Spending time in nature has well-known benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. In particular, feeling connected to the wild world is strongly linked to increased happiness and lower stress.

If you are visiting Helsinki, exploring a nature reserve is a fantastic opportunity to see the city in a different light. If you live here, hiring a guide to watch birds is the best way to learn about your wild neighbours and appreciate their ways of life.